Gardening planting

I finally got my garden tilled up Monday. It’s been too wet and I had tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse which needed to be out weeks ago.  The mice ate my squash and cucumber seeds out of the containers in the greenhouse. I got some of my Cherokee purple tomatoes and pickling cucumbers planted Tuesday after the dogs got through playing in the freshly plowed soil.  There’s something about fresh earth that makes them act like they are on catnip.  They wrestle and chase and ground each other in the ground until each has at least 5 pounds of dirt in their hair.  After I turned the water on I realized that I had gotten an eight of an inch too close to one of the water lines with the tiller. Since I was off they expected to get fed each time I went to the barn for something. They kept bouncing and banging the door of the feeder hoping I would go ahead and feed them. I kept telling them that it wasn’t 4 yet.

When I have the tractor out I have to watch for out for the hooligans. They’ll be running in front and decide to stop and look. I rear ended Blackie with the loader while pulling out of the barn. I looked back to make sure I was clearing the door frame and she must have run in front and stopped.  One thing I miss from my old tractor is the horn. It got quite a work out with these three.  I guess I need to find one of those bicycle horns and mount it on the steering wheel.  After closing up for the night she played her double garage door game, run in under one door and back out under the other while they are coming down. Then she stands there and watches both of them go back up.

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