Gardening adventure

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Today’s bloomers are from a couple of days ago.  I spend an hour taking them and then third or four hours weeding through them and putting names on them.  Levi discovered rat hunting yesterday. With three hunters chasing through the beds, my flowers don’t stand a chance.  The rat was caught and left in the yard after all 3 finished rolling on it.  I’ve never understood the reason dogs do that.  One marks a spot and the others take turns marking also after a good sniff over. I threw the rat in to scoop of the tractor for disposal.  As I crawled up on the seat, Blackie crawled in the scoop and grabbed the rat back, ran back into the yard with it. She dropped it, rolled over it and walked off. I got back down off of the tractor and threw it back into the scoop. Her comes Blackie back after it again.  That evening as I was closing down for the night I couldn’t get Blackie to come out of the garage to get her biscuit.  She finally listened and when I turned my back she shot back in rooting around a couple of large bags of perlite and vermiculite.  She missed her calling as a DEA dog. If she says a mouse is in something, there’s a mouse, so I kicked the bags and this huge rat run under the truck ran into the wall turned and ran out. Patches and Levi who were still sitting waiting on their biscuits spotted the rat and Miss arthritic Patches cleared a planter and landed on top of one of my low hanging baskets and kept up the chase. I must have gotten in there trying to get away from the chase down in the garden area.

I got my finishing mower back this week and started mowing for the first time in 10 days.  The humidity was so bad the grass was caking up under the mower and throwing out in a big pile like I had raked it at the point of turns.   Maybe another day without rain, it’ll  dry out a little.

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