Gardening friends

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Some of the friendliest people you meet are gardening folks.  A couple of weeks ago I had a new friend to stop by my garden for a look-see.  Lisa had tried earlier in the week to look around, but Blackie nixed that real quick. She got my address and did a reverse lookup to get my phone number. As she was dialing my number her husband told her she just couldn’t call a stranger like that. She told him that they were gardeners they wouldn’t mind.   If you stop and talk to some one working in the yard and they aren’t friendly, I’ll bet they are paid  for their services so aren’t willing to share.

Lisa hadn’t been to Little Cypress Natives or the Rabbit’s Patch Daylily farm in Florence.  I need to exchange a Pee Wee Oakleaf  at Little Cypress that wouldn’t sprout even though it was still green, so she tagged along and we paid a visit to both.  At the Rabbit Patch we came back with a truck load.  Lisa’s husband probably wishes she hadn’t made that phone call.   Potted daylilies are $3 for a 3 gallon container and $5 for a large dug clump.   I found five that I didn’t have on my list and brought home.  Now where to put them? Think I’ll pot them up and put them with the other hundred or so waiting to go into the ground.

Hope you enjoy today’s pictures. I’ve been slow getting them on line. When you take around 300 a day, it takes a while to weed through them and put names on them.  I have a full view of the Chaste shrub that I showed a branch of earlier.  If you are allergic to bees you need not plant this bush.  It attracts a  horde of them.

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