Sheep shearing day

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NOTE*** some of the photos were deleted 4-27-11 due to space limitations

With the heat the dogs have been miserable.  Blackie with some Chow in her has very thick wooly hair.  She was trying to shed her winter coat and it was just glued into her summer hair like she was wearing a winter fur coat.  She had a large patch of it along her back that looked like it was glued to her.  I’m not sure what she rolled in and I don’t think I want to know. Mom and I tackled trying to shave her.  I’ve found that it’s easier to put them in a dump trailer that I have hooked up to my riding mower.  It makes them high enough to work on and the hair stays in the trailer for easy clean up. Plus you don’t have the other two interfering sorta.

When I picked her up to put in the trailer Levi jumped in with her. He thought better of it when I started putting on the tail gate and jumped back out.  I had a steel comb and Mom had the scissors and clippers. I would pull up some of the matted stuff with the comb and Mom would cut and clip.  Patches was sitting beside me irritated that we weren’t paying her attention and kept nipping Blackie’s nose when ever she tried to crawl over he side. Then I would pop her with the comb on her nose.  After a couple of hours and several water breaks, we had half of a trailer of hair.  We still need to tackle her again, as she still has a lot of the winter coat on her tummy and rear end, but she feels so much better.

After we finished with Blackie, I put Patches in the wagon and she sat there like a  queen while we trimmed her up a little.  If you do something to one it has to be done to the other to keep the peace. Levi is next after I get the clippers cleaned up.

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