Expendable pets


About a month ago my neighbors found an older male collie camped out by their back door.  I had his picture in an earlier post. He looked like he was recently groomed and well cared for except his front teeth were filed down apparently from gnawing trying to get out of a cage. Surely some one would be looking for him. He is terrified of storms so we thought he had gotten lost during a storm. We called the shelter and watched the paper but no one had reported him missing.  He wasn’t micro chipped. Then the thought became he’s an older dog and not a cute puppy anymore, so he’s not wanted.  This afternoon Jessica and I took Lassie as he is now known and Blackie to the veterinarian.  I first tried to load Blackie up in the back seat of my truck. When I opened the door and picked her up, Levi jumped in and wouldn’t come out and Blackie didn’t want to stay in. He was standing with his back feet on the seat and front feet on the computer console between the front seats looking at the front window ready to go.  So I’m trying to hold Blackie in and pull Levi out at the same time. Finally I get Levi out and when I opened the front door he tried to crawl up in the front seat.

Finally we pick Jessica and Lassie up and head to the vets. When Lassie’s heart-worm came back positive, we found out the reason he was dumped.  Pet owners such as Lassie’s former owners should be allowed to own a pet. Apparently they didn’t feel the need to have him on a preventative heart-worm pill and Lassie is paying the price.   He is such a sweet boy, not a mean bone in his body.

Blackie, she’s doing great. She didn’t like her rabies shot and let the vet know about it.

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