Hot Weekend plans

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I had planned to start mowing the lower 40 yesterday afternoon after work. About the time I pulled into the garage a huge thunderstorm hit dumping over an inch and a half rain putting an end to yard activities. Saturday the yard was steaming from the heat evaporating the moisture.  Temperatures are running 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. For some reason we really get the heat during the Helen Keller Festival each year.  Sunday the Lucky Ducky race a fund raiser for local charities close out the festivities around the spring at Spring Park.  The link to the festival is at:

While mowing the lower 40 this afternoon I got into ground hornets nest. I was able to out run them and decided to come to the house to let them cool down.  Ice cream sounded good for cooling me down also. On the way back to the tractor, I had a small bee gathering pollen get up in the bell bottom part of my jeans and was stung.  I didn’t like bell bottoms when they were popular in high school, but these were on sale for 5 bucks and I can’t pass up a bargain especially for yard work.  I’ll mow the clover in the back yard in a day or so.

After mowing I got one of my favorite iris called Starship Enterprise divided and back in the ground at the proper depth of just barely in.  It’ll be the center piece of my All American bed.  Just as I started weeding in front of the house, the bottom fell out of the sky again.  The ticks have been horrible this year, so needed a shower badly, I kept feeling something crawly, but kept thinking about that woman in Huntsville who was taking a shower when a tornado hit her apartment building back in the 70’s. There she was buck naaaked for the whole world to see. Finally the tick feeling won out. Before going though I decided I wanted something else cold besides the gallon of cold water I had drank outside and opened the freezer door to put a can of ginger ale in and found one I had put in last night and forgot to take out.  I looked like a full tick and was oozing out in the freezer ready to explode.

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