What goes on when the owner is away?

Ever wonder what your pet gets into when you’re not there?  I’ve come home and down spouts were pulled off of the house and a near by window screen thorn out and the siding surrounding the window and the corner of the house chewed.  I’m not sure if it was lizard or a snake they were after as I didn’t find any remains lying around, just a lot of damage.  Another time Levi was limping badly on his front shoulder. I was gone ten minutes getting gas for the mower and when I came home he was hopping on one of his back legs and the front shoulder seemed fine.  Oh course it got worse when I consoled him and checked him over. The limp seemed to come and go as he got sympathy.

Last week Patches was limping badly on her front shoulder.  The only thing I can think of is that they are playing king of the hill on top of the sawdust pile and pulling the king off of the throne.   Her limp got worse when ever she knew I was watching her and went on for a couple of days. One afternoon she saw Jessica my neighbor drive by and charged down to the other end of the property to cut Jessica off at the pass.  Jessica made the mistake of stopping several times, getting out and giving the hooligans dog biscuits, then going home. Now Patches expects it every time she comes home.  With her sore shoulder she didn’t make it in time for Jessica to see her and as Jessica made the turn in the curve stood there barking after the car.  Later after coming back to the house, Patches sat at the end of the driveway staring at Jessica’s house looking disgusted and was grumpy for two days because of it barking at every little noise.

Last fall I had a post about storing my banana tree for the winter. Since it was so large I cut it down, put plastic over it to keep water from getting into the bulb and put about a foot of sawdust on top. A few days later after 5 or 6 inches of rain, I noticed bits and pieces of plastic all over the area.  A gapping hole was right over the corn.  It didn’t come back this spring.

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