Some days you should roll back over get another 20 winks

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July fourth, thank some one in the military that you are able to celebrate your freedom today.

The oriental lilies and the late blooming daylilies and the re-bloomers are in bloom.

Today was one of those days I shouldn’t have gotten up. First thing this morning I put on a cup of coffee on my cup at a time coffee maker and when I came back I had a cup of hot water with some grounds that missed the filter Friday.  Allison and her husband were due to come after some daylilies I was eliminating from my inventory. I told her I was going to dig them now and she said that they would be out in an hour. I got sidetrack taking pictures, especially of a yellow swallowtail butterfly, that the plants were still in the ground when they came.  I lost my camera lens cover again (no Carl I still haven’t fixed it as I need to get black thread and glue) and later I found it. I got the tractor out and plowed up the garden area where I plan to transplant iris and daylilies from the driveway. Then it was down along the creek to dig up an area for oak leaf hydrangea. I thought the under ground fence and water line were up against a blue bird box. As I put the tiller down I looked back and there was a piece of hose sticking out. The underground fence wire is in the same trench tied to the water pipe, so I knew it’s fate.

I promised Mom Friday night I would pick up her grass clipping from her lawn today. My Mom is the type of person that when she wants something done, she wanted it yesterday.  As I walked back to the house for another piece of wire I could feel her asking when are you going to pick up my grass?  The garden area is like a dust bowl, so after patching the wire, I had to wash off the John Deere. It wasn’t green any longer. Finally to pick up the grass clippings and worked at weeding the beds in front of the house. Weeds sure can grow after a good rain. After cleaning I’ll get some newspaper and mulch down topped with pine needles.   The water line repair will need to wait for another day

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