If it moves herd it

Actually with my three it’s chase it. They had no interest in herding, and that landed two of them in the shelter.  Monday morning I was out taking pictures of the flowers when I heard Blackie yelping. The other two joined in the chase. When I got down to the garden area Blackie was running from one end to the other of a ten foot long drain pipe that I use for hanging shade cloth from. Another rat I thought.  I picked it up the pipe and pulled it to an open area of the yard and started to dump out the rat, and looked in the end to see where it was and it didn’t look like a rat.  It turned out to be a bunny, so I carried the pipe down to the dry creek with dogs in tow jumping up trying to get the pipe. It looked dazed as I dumped it out and finally took off over the creek bank.

One of the dogs found an ink pen that I lost a couple of weeks ago while taking pictures of my flowers. They dropped it out in the yard unharmed and it actually still works.

One of the mares in the next pasture had a foal on June 23. I’m trying to get a picture of it each week to show how much it’s grown.  This weekend it was close to the fence lying on the ground next to Mom.   As I walked down toward the pasture it flopped down on its side Patches just had a hissy fit running down to the fence barking her head off. Foal mare jumped and ran off into the sunrise.  Today it was the same story, run down ahead of me and scare off the foal and Mom.

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3 Responses to If it moves herd it

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  2. Lisa Knight says:

    The bunny was spared! Those three hoodlums of yours are so sweet! Their stories make for entertaining reading!

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