Who’s the smarter one?

Border collies are considered to be the smartest dogs in the world. Patches falls into the category.  Blackie and Levi were down the ladder when smarts were handed out.  You can look at Patches expression and just see the wheels turning. Once I gave Blackie and Patches a biscuit. Blackie went to the far corner of the garage and dropped her biscuit and came back looking to steal Patches biscuit.  While she did that Patches went to the wall feeder, opened the door and dumped her biscuit into it.  I’m standing there trying to figure out what she was doing. When Blackie came up looking around for Patches biscuit, she went to the area where Blackie left hers, ate the biscuit and came back later and got hers out of the feeder.

Patches has been playing a game with me the last several weeks.  She gets past the underground fence some time during the night and when I walk to the paper box to get my paper before leaving for work, she’s waiting for me to let her back in.  I checked her collar out and it had a broken cap over the button which sets the shock strength, so I purchased a new collar and put it on the same collar she had on since I had it at the right length.  The next morning there she was at the end of the driveway waiting for me to let her back in.  When I got back from work, I trimmed the long hair from her neck area and changed collars with Blackie since hers had the wider width of coverage.

The collars will vibrate 10 feet from the fence and when getting about 5 foot from the buried wire will start shocking and keep shocking five feet on the other side. Patches has learned that if the collar doesn’t vibrate she can get out. She also knows that the collar is to keep her in. I’ve learned the hard way to put a leash on her and tie her up while I’m changing the batteries in the collar.  She won’t let you put the collar back on her if you take it off.  She’ll come to you when you call and let you touch the end of her nose, but no closer to her neck to put the collar back on.  I had to call Mom and have her come over and grab a hold of her collar while I put the fence collar back on.  She sat there staring at us so disgustingly ticked off.

All was fine and for the next week she was in each morning.  One day she was waiting for me at the end of the driveway again waiting to be let back in. I finally figured out that she is loosening the collar some how so that’s it’s not making a good contact. So once a week I check it and tighten it if needed. This weekend, I’ll exchange her collar for the new one which came with the box.

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