My dogs aren’t spoiled rotten

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Words of wisdom not practiced: You should go  and buy bagged manure before it has a couple of inches of rain on it not after.

Each night before closing down the garage doors, the hooligans and I go through the awarding of the biscuits routine.  They come and sit around in a circle around me, get their biscuit and I tell them good night. Some times Ms Priss, as I’ll call Patches sometimes because of the way she walks, will take her time coming as she wants me to bring the biscuit to her. But I’ll wait her out patiently with Levi and Blackie waiting impatiently. Some times Blackie will circle around us as she has her mind on chasing a lizard or a bird or some other critter. No one gets a biscuit until all three are sitting.

Last night instead of biscuits, I handed out rawhide strips. Blackie wasn’t satisfied with it, she wanted her biscuit and ran under the door as it was going down looking for it. I told her out and picked up her the chew gave it to her and told her good night. While I was in the kitchen working on supper, I looked out the window and noticed Blackie in the flower bed digging a hole.  I came out the front door and picked the chew up out of the hole and started back into the house with it. She wanted it back so I gave in and handed it back to her and told her to eat it as you’re not getting a biscuit.  She then went to the other side of the front door and dug a hole in some newly planted daylilies. When I knocked on the window, she picked up the chew and went around the end of the house. By the time I walked down the hallway and looked out she was covering it over in another daylily bed.  The next morning each spot she dropped the rawhide in was uncovered along with some of the daylilies.  The chew was gone. Levi has been on a diet, so my first guess would be him.  He sees food, food is  gone along with some fingers.

The Arc of Madison County is a non-profit organization that provides services for people with disabilities. They are trying to expand our program to serve more individuals and improve our community through recycling. Learn more about the Arc at

Vote for the Arc every day until July 31st at:

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