Shoals Heirloom Plant Rescue Foundation

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This weekend was the organizational meeting of the Shoals Heirloom Plant Rescue Foundation. Membership is dedicated to saving notable plants from abandoned home sites that are due for demolition.  We hope to rescue the heirloom plants from the same fate and recycle to a new home.  Our heroin is Frances Cook who was a teacher, and at one time sheriff of Colbert County.  She would travel the roads picking up plants, leaves for composting.  Even when in a nursing home she still insisted on tending to a garden, hoe in one hand and being held up by an aide on the other arm.

I traveled to Nashville after work yesterday to pick up my Mother after out patient plasma exchanges.  We had a lightening storm earlier in the afternoon that struck the transformer outside her home. As I walked around the house to the pole, I noticed a package of iris that I order from Schreiner’s Iris Gardens sitting on her front porch.  I send packages to her house as the hooligans like to open them.  She was in the house calling the power company and I was able to get the package and put it in the back of my truck without her seeing it.  She gives me a hard time when ever I get new plants in saying don’t you have enough yet?

Today I dug up a yellow spider called Easy Ned from along the driveway to an area designated as my U of North Alabama lions area. UNA colors are purple and white and lately  purple and yellow.  Before digging them up I hauled some composted horse barn sawdust to the planting area, and to area along the creek where I plan to put some azaleas and hydrangeas.  I had some bagged leaves that I had picked up from a friends house and emptied the bags out and dug up everything well with the tractor’s tiller. Somehow I missed one of the garbage bags and spent a while unraveling the bag from around the tiller tines.  Somewhere I had picked up some old fencing, so it took a while to unravel that from the tines.  My Dad was one who never took an old fence down. He would put a new one up in front and letthe old one fall. After digging up Easy Ned and moving close to the planting area, I divided the three large clumps into about 14 plants.  I like to use two large screwdrivers to separate my daylilies.  I then hauled some of the compost to the bed in preparation for planting a red and white daylily called Humble heart which has the colors of Deshler High School in it.  My Auburn area will be on the other side of the driveway.  A dwarf deep red iris called Cat Eye’s will also be moved to the Deshler bed.

Just as I started to replant the daylilies a shower suddenly hit. After the rain stopped, I got the plants in the ground just before another round of rain. I’ll get the daylilies trimmed, mulched and fertilize later. After the second rain, it was too wet to plant the iris, so I finished the day by potting them.  I have some purple ones to go in my UNA garden and a black one called Raven Girl that will go in my Ebony and Ivory section.  Of course I have some orange and blue ones for my Auburn section.  I have a real nice yellow spider daylily called Cat’s cradle that I’m debating whether to put in the UNA or song and dance area or the Deshler tigers or Auburn tigers area.

The hooligans, Blackie and Patches spent the day hunting mice. Levi spent the day laying nearby me while I worked. No wonder his diet is not working.

More information on Mrs. Cook and her historic home is found at this link:

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One Response to Shoals Heirloom Plant Rescue Foundation

  1. Donna says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman! I am proud to be a founding member.

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