Butterflies are free

This time of year my thoughts turn from still flowers to chasing  flying flowers and  hummingbirds.  My sister Linda and niece Amanda and myself have a birthday this month so I thought I would honor them with a flying flower show.  Happy birthday ladies.

Some of the pictures were taken previously to this year. I’m not an expert on butterflies so if you know the names please let me know.  If you want butterflies you’ll have to put up with the caterpillars.  I find that the butterflies are just crazy about cone flowers, turks cap lilium, profusion zinnias which is a low growing  with a spread of a peck fruit basket. They also seem to like  a white butterfly bush better than the other colors I had.  This morning four swallowtails were on the Turks cap lily. I spent a half an hour going around and around the lilies trying to get a good angle on them.  I used to chase them around the yard, but found out that if they like something they’ll circle around and come back, so I’ve learn to be patient as they’ll be back. If you want swallowtails, you’ll need to provide a food source for the wee ones (caterpillars).  Plant parsley enough for you and enough to share with the worms.

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2 Responses to Butterflies are free

  1. Teresa Peck says:

    Beautiful, keep the pics coming. I enjoy your post. Are lillys hard to grow?

  2. Thanks. No they are easy, just don’t like wet feet and an area were they can grow very tall. I’ll have a post about lilies later.

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