Vacation from gardening

The last week in July is time for the W. C. Handy Music Festival. Mr. Handy the Father of the Blues was born in Florence Al.  All week long there is music everywhere, church, parks, restaurants, libraries.  I carry several lawn chairs in my vehicle and take a vacation from gardening.  My Mom fusses she doesn’t see me all week and that my yard gets shaggy while I’m running around having fun.  My most enjoyable day is next Friday’s river concert. Every half hour a new band comes on stage at McFarland Park next to the Tennessee River. Hopefully the temperature next week will be a little lower than the 100 we hit today.

This morning while watering all of my latest transplants, Blackie was right on top of the underground fence in a large bed of daylilies hunting some sort of critter.  I didn’t notice her until Patches squealed on her. Since she couldn’t get out, she started barking at Blackie and looking at  me until I noticed and called Blackie back into the yard. When I walked by the front  porch there laid Blackie’s collar with a broken latch.  There was a tooth hole where one of the other hooligans had bitten the latch and broken it.  So time was spent putting a new collar on the box and getting it back on Blackie. Later while chasing butterflies, a small black dog crawled into my lap while I was sitting on a wall pulling nut grass out of a bed by the road. He made himself right at home. Levi decided to show him who’s the man of the house. Once Shorty growled at him, he decided Shorty could stay. I figure some one had just dropped him off as he wasn’t hungry or thirsty.  I called all of the close by neighbors and couldn’t find his owner.  If he is unclaimed I’ll take him to the shelter Monday.  You can’t adopt them all. He’s a sweet little feller and followed me everywhere I went and wasn’t afraid of the tractor.

I did get a little work done this afternoon before going Handying. I worked on repairing the water line along the creek so I won’t have to haul water down to the rescued hydrangea’s. I had 3 places to fix, one was a broken faucet fitting that I had broken when I backed over it with my truck. Since it was in line and I had to cut part of the pipe off, I used a metal T with a screw in fitting to fit in the waterline to make it longer. The second one I hadn’t raised the tiller high enough when turning and chopped off the hydrant, so it was an easy fix just replacing the pcv pipe and fittings. The last one was the one I had dug up the pipe and underground fence with the tiller, so I just added another length of pipe into the line and pulled out the slack since it was close to the end of the line.  A fourth one I’ll need to get a 90 angle fitting to fix. This one was attached to a box around a shrub and I must have hit the box with the tiller or tractor and moved the box some, so it stretch and twisted a kink in the pipe.  I cut it off below the kink, and added another length of pipe, but I need a 90 degree angle to put the hydrant back on.

For more information on the Handy Festival check out the official link:

Check out my summer time water line system on this previous post:

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