Back to work

Today was the last day of the W. C. Handy Music Festival. After sitting in parks and restaurants listening to music all week, I finished up by going to the Riverside Jazz concert at McFarland Park along the Tennessee River Friday. I always enjoy this concert as a different band comes to the stage every 30 minutes or so.  One of the new bands this year was a group from Athens, Al called the Alex Lane Trio which consisted of four twelve year olds.  These kids could play and will go far if they keep their heads on straight.

For some reason, I thought trio meant three, but there were several bands playing during the week with trio in the name and they had more than three members. Go figure.  Anyway, I called my Handying quits with the river concert as my yard was really getting to look abandoned, especially after a couple of inches of rain. One year I will get to do the street strut on the last day. I’ll have to have a decorated umbrella to do it.

This morning I made a trip to Sims Bark over in Spring Valley to get a load of bagged potting soil.  While there I picked out some pavers for a front walkway job I’m planning later. I asked for 50 bags and he tried to sell me a whole pallet of 70 again so he could just put the whole pallet in. After the last adventure with a pallet going over the railroad tracks and getting into a hole, I declined.  I also told him after unloading I pulled the pallet out and somehow it caught the top tailgate cover cap and flipped under the truck putting a large scratch on it and then pulled the cover off the end of the tailgate.   I unloaded some at the west end of the house where I was planting some Magnificant Rainbow, Eyes of Distinction and Condilla daylilies separated by a dwarf white cone flower called Virgin planting just above the soil line. The rest went down along the creek behind the underground fence on a pallet to prevent the Hooligans from helping me open them.  When I back up to the pallet, the trailer hitch popped one of my summertime faucets made of PCV and snapped it off.  Since I need to water the rescued shrubs tomorrow, after unloading the potting soil, I sawed the broken ends off and put a connector patch between the pieces.  While unloading I found the piece of the power company’s rope that’s colored like a garter snake again. This time I threw it in the truck and trashed it when I got back to the house.

I got a card from the water department stating that my bill this month will be $58 and I need to investigate for a possible leak.   With all the planting I’ve been doing without rain for a couple of weeks, I knew it was going to be high. This afternoon the thermometer hit 100, and the heat was radiating off of the sun drenched bricks making it seem more like 110 degrees.

Along my Deshler section of the driveway, I dug up a yellow daylily El Despardo  and a purple iris Night of Gladness to be transplanted to my U. of North Alabama section. The iris I cleaned up and potted up as it was having a little rhizome rot from all of the rain we’ve had. The daylily will be divided and the nut grass removed and planted in the ground in the next day or so.

While I was digging, Patches and Blackie were under one of my variegated dogwoods called First Lady chasing some critter.  All I could see was Patches bushy tail waving back and forth from under the tree.  I’ll need to check tomorrow and make sure they didn’t dig up another tree.  Levi was near by under a shade tree watching me work. He’s the only one that hasn’t lost any weight and I just can’t figure out why.

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