Hot summer chores

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We finally got some rain two Sundays ago, almost 0.7 inches in the afternoon.  The ground had gotten as hard as a brick bat It hasn’t rained at my place since, so it’s back to brick status again. . Even starting late in the afternoon after work, it is still hot.  I took my truck for an oil change and spent over an hour watering all my transplants and potted things.  Even with daily watering, I still lost one of the salvia that I planted in the front bed to separate my daylilies and maybe one of my Gerber daisies.  You don’t get much done during these hot days except watering. If you miss watering a recently planted plant, it’s history by the next day. I’ve been trying to get the newly planted beds lined with newspaper and mulched, but its slow going due to the heat and watering.  Getting the newly transplanted iris beds around the garden mulched with sawdust was a top priority as they were looking cooked even with watering.

My Cherokee purple tomatoes and corn are starting to come in so suppers lately consists of tomato sandwiches and fresh corn on the cob and cucumber salad from the garden. I use honey mustard salad dressing instead of mayo on the bread. I put a little seasoned garlic salt on the tomatoes, and it added a zesty kick to the sandwich. The Black Prince tomato has been a disappointment as it hasn’t grown well, so I won’t be growing it next year.

I started to pull some grass and weeds in one of the beds by the driveway and disturbed a very large red wasp nest that was under the top row of castlerock wall blocks.  I’m not sure how many got my wrist, but it felt like they had gone all the way to the bone.  One chased me down the driveway trying to get me in the head and after knocking it down four times with my hand it finally gave up.  I think after the last knock down it was distracted by the dogs trying to figure out what the heck I was doing.  I haven’t tried this from a friend of mine for wasp stings:  try putting some dampened tea bags on it then later some tea tree oil.

My LSU purple figs are starting to come in. The gallon I picked yesterday is drying in the dehydrator.  I ate so many of the overripe ones that I didn’t need supper. After feeding the three hooligans, I found a hummingbird flying along the ceiling in my garage and spent 20 minutes trying to catch it. I occasionally have problems with hummingbirds getting into the garage I think due to the red Mandeville and the red taillights and the red emergency pull on the door. I need to swap the red and the white Mandeville around so not to attract them to the garage.  If you have a lot of problems with hummers in your garage you can change the color of your emergency cord and paint the pull a different bright color.

I’m not sure what day I stopped with my pictures, so if you see one today and it’s gone tomorrow, it’s on a previous post.  One interesting daylily is the Cradle of Bethlehem.  It looks like two different daylilies depending on time of day. In the morning it looks like a regular dark daylily and the evening it is fully open exposing a yellow interior.

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