Cahaba Lily

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The Cahaba Lily also know as the Shoals Lily is a short blooming lily usually found in swift moving streams.   Blooms only last a day, but they are just fabulous. I have a one rescued from an overgrown area under a cliff  apparently surviving from water running off of the cliff.  I  grow in a area that gets run off from my green house. Another found on a farm in TN  is near my garage  and it gets water each day when I water my potted plants. I need to move the one by the garage as the bloom was broken in the storm I think by one of the hooligans even though I had protection around it.  I collected the seed pods last year at this time and kept them in wet potting soil all winter and just about gave up when they started sprouting a couple of months ago.  I should have already put them out in a moist area several weeks ago as I don’t think they have gotten enough light.  Hopefully they’ll survive to bloom like the parents.  Most of the pictures are from last year. The one by the greenhouse was in its full beauty Thursday, the day of the storm, and most of the blooms were finished by the next day.  I was able to get a picture of one of the blooms.

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5 Responses to Cahaba Lily

  1. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

  2. Thank you very much. Hope you visit again soon

  3. MargPA says:

    Love your pics & I especially like the hb pics and the white lily. I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Pat says:

    Hey Mary, didn’t I give you one of these lilies from my farm? I have one of these growing on our north side of our house, by the water feature. It looks great towering over the ferns that are springing up. You’re right- they don’t last over one day!

    • Most of the pictures are from the one you gave me. One of the pictures is from one my neighbor gave me from his son’s farm in Franklin County It bloomed this year. I have a bunch of babies planted in an area that drains from the back barn. Hopefully I’ll have a big bed of blooms to show next year. I collected 8 seeds this year trying to grow some more. It took a year for the last ones to make a bulb.

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