I’m watering and my plants are dying.

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Today’s topic: You’re watering plants daily but they are still dying. Why?

Heat index was 107 yesterday. I started mowing with dew on the lower three acres  trying to get ahead of the afternoon temps. I  had to stop several time to rehydrate. Before starting to mow, I noticed the worm composter liquid holding tank was overflowing and put a pan under the spout to drain it down.  The drain had a blockage as I only was getting a slow drip.  I decided to let it drip for a while and stuck a wire up in the drain trying to dislodge the blockage without luck.  A sales rep showed up and I left it dripping with the intent of checking it later.  After mowing for several hours, I walked back to the house in order to cool down and when I came into the garage, there was this huge puddle  of  worm compost tea running under my truck from the composter.  Looking for something to clean it up, I grabbed a stack of newspapers and covered the spill.  After absorbing for a while I took the wet papers to a recently planted daylily and peony bed that needing mulching and then put down another dry layer of papers on the spill.  Turns out the wet papers don’t fly off in a breeze as will dry papers;  plus the worm tea will add fertilizer to the plants.  So I didn’t have to try and hold down the papers while trying to get the mulch on top of them.

Patches and Blackie were chasing a critter around the garden. It must have gotten into one of the sewer drain pipes lying beside the garden as they kept running back and forth from end to end. As they were breaking off several of my resurrection lily blooms, I stopped what I was doing to dump whatever they had cornered out of the pipe. What ever it was must have escaped from the unguarded end when the dogs were at the other end. I had to hold it up for Blackie to look into the pipe before she believed it was gone.

Now reasons for plants dying:   Are you one who cuts on the water and immediately starts watering from a hose sitting in full sun?  The hose has been sitting out in full sun getting heated close to boiling, so you’re scalding the plants to death.  Feel the water stream, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for the plants.  Second, you may be over watering to the point the plant gets a fungal disease and dies from it and you’re still watering it hoping it’ll come back to life.  Third is it a plant that needs some shade and you have it in full sun?  I’ve found in our region that if a plant tag says sun to partial shade, the plant will be happier with a little afternoon shade.  Hosta will just fry in the southern sun.

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2 Responses to I’m watering and my plants are dying.

  1. This blog takes me to a happy place. Haha thank you.

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