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Today was the first day in several that we haven’t had rain.  Now if you want to get technical we did have 0.01 inches that I turned into CoCoRaHS.  The last two mornings I’ve had to play dodge ball with two very large piles of grass and weeds that I pulled out of my flower bed along the driveway.  Before I could haul it off to the compost pile it started raining.  Yesterday it rained most of the day. Today I was able to haul both piles off today and got the drive swept off.  Levi was having trouble with a red wasp attacking him. I noticed that it went into a crack  between the brick and siding by the garage door. When I walked by to get the wasp spray it came back out and attacked my jeans leg. I didn’t get stung as I hadn’t washed them in a couple of days and they were fairly stiff from all of the salt I had sweated out.

Saturday the humidity was just about unbearable. Levi was either in the garage or lying under my Japanese maple at the corner of the house most of the day. He vomited a couple of times but didn’t seem sick. Patches & Blackie were busy chasing mice around the greenhouse and I worried about them over heating.  I never suspected that Levi was the one overheating and close to a heat stroke.

Today’s pictures are all hummingbirds except for one which shows why I’m having trouble getting pictures, esp of all the goldfinches on my cone flowers.  With the hot weather the only flowers blooming right now are zinnias, blanket flowers, cone flowers and a few daylilies in re-bloom.  The hummingbirds have been hitting the feeders as a result. Saturday morning when I changed out a feeder, one little female couldn’t wait for the feeders to be swapped out and started feeding from the full one I was holding in my hand.

When feeding hummers please do not use the red dye stuff. It’s not good for them.  Take one part sugar and 4 parts hot to boiling water. Mix well cool and put in your feeder.  Left overs may be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

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One Response to Hummingbirds

  1. Thanks for sharing your story and photos. It is so exciting when the hummers just can’t wait and you get to see them up close.

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