hot weekend in the garden

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Saturday heat index was 108. I’m not sure how many trips I made into the house to cool off.  I eventually finished mowing around the house and finished up the bottom 3 acres, and got “Big Berta” my Troybilt weed eater,  pushed it around and got the jungle cut around the flower beds. Before retiring, I planted a Black Gamecock Louisiana iris planted in an area near my Cahaba Lily babies and mulched everything. I noticed that one of  the little bulbs was coming up.  It took a year to grow them from seed propagating a rare species, but when they bloom it will be worth it.

Patches noticed the two new horses in the pasture next door and wasn’t happy. We go through this each time something is new. She sat for hours watching them and fussing at them. The foal started bucking around like a  bronco horse and Patches let her know that she didn’t like that either. I first found out about this once when I left a shovel propped up between the garage doors while I went into the house.  I thought someone had come up to the house because all of the commotion. I came out of the house and there she was standing barking at the shovel.  Another time she was outside Mom’s house barking at her opened garage door. Mom came out of her house asking what’s Patches problem. Your door is opened and you usually keep it closed I responded.

Ellie Mae from next door saw me mowing the lower 40 & came to visit. Blackie & Patches rolled her as she was running across the field, so she hid under the tractor while I petted her. She tried to run home and got rolled again so she retreated back under the tractor.  I grabbed unto Blackie and Patches collars and  kept telling her to “run Ellie Mae run”.  Eventually she took off for the hills and didn’t stop until she got home.

Today’s pictures are some of the butterflies flying around in the garden Saturday, and a few of the beautiful sunrise Friday over what we call the cotton flats south of Tuscumbia. Only they’ve been growing corn and wheat the last couple of years.

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7 Responses to hot weekend in the garden

  1. Jean Ross says:

    Mary, I love all the new pictures. The butterflies are so beautiful! Were they super cooperative in letting you get their pictures or were you super stealthy? I remember well the cotton flats, but I don’t think that I’ve ever seen them at sunrise. Those pics gave me a warm, nostalgic feeling! Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Deere says:

    Nice pictures on a beautifull theme. Thanks for posting

  3. shoalswriter says:

    Love your new look! You’re an inspiration, Mary.

  4. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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