Best made plans

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I took a couple of days off this week to have a new front door installed and some other work done on the house. My door was ordered six weeks ago. I was informed that the factory still didn’t have the glass for the door. It’s nothing fancy, but the factory must be having it made in China and shipped on a slow boat from there. Since the door needed to be installed before the other work could be done, my door company asked that the door be shipped without the cut out in it. Monday morning the door was unpacked and the hole for the window had been cut out. So the door wasn’t installed & the other work not done, so I worked in the yard all day. I wore out another set of leather gloves that I have been using for about a month from the garden in a box store. Apparently these stores don’t think women do any hard labor.   I ordered two pairs of gloves from Woman’s Work gloves.  It’s the only glove that will last me a full gardening season, plus it’s made for women.

I repotted one of my orchids and dumped the old bark around a variegated hibiscus called ‘Sugar Tip’ and promptly was stung by some yellow wasps from a nest that was under the curved over ledge on the planter. After putting on a wet layer of baking soda on it, I pulled up a tilt trailer full of nut grass from one flower bed.  I did not add to the compost pile but rather spread it out along the lower forty to be dried and mowed over.  Jessica and her dogs Patches, Ellie Mae, and Sidney came to visit. Her other dog Sadie is not allowed on the property by mine for some reason. After the visit I walked back to my riding mower and Levi crawled up on the deck.  No, no I told him you walk, me ride.

I dug up and divided a clump of ‘Cat’s Eye’ intermediate size iris and transplanted them into my Deshler section. It’s burgundy with a darker burgundy eye spot.  Behind it I planted some ‘Cat’s Cradle’ daylily which is a yellow spider; not the color of Deshler.  Since my two colleges and high school mascots are cats, I thought it was appropriate for the driveway.  After mulching I parked the John Deere on the driveway near the garage. Levi decided to jump up on the deck with me. There’s not enough room for the two of us up on the tractor so I crawled down and let him have it.  The girls had a fit and drug him off and the wrestling match started. Levi takes a lot of abuse from the girls. His role at my house has been calming the two bickering Alpha females.   I started watering the transplants and Blackie was nearby tossing this little black ball in the air, then rolling on it, standing over it and sniffing at it. I thought I might investigate what the little ball was. A little rat snake rolled up tight with its head in the middle of the ball. It seemed intact so I took it across the road and turned it loose.

By the time everything was watered and the equipment put up, it was dark. I opened the back door to turn on the outside and garage lights so I could see how to get to the cabinet where the biscuits are kept. I can’t retire for the night until the hooligans get a biscuit, then I can close the garage doors down. When I walked out to the driveway, Levi and Patches were sitting waiting; Blackie was no where to be found. I gave the two theirs and closed down the garage doors.  I opened the back door and out rushes Blackie, so we had to repeat the process again after I let her out.

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