Hummingbird migration part 1

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Saturday morning  as I was eating breakfast & reading the paper on the screen porch, I had so many migrating hummingbirds at my feeders I was reminded of the movie ‘The Birds’. I put my telephoto lens on my Cannon Rebel, put on a dark T-shirt and headed out the door for some shots. One thing I didn’t know as a rookie bird watcher was not to wear white. You’re more noticeable and scare off the birds. My first Audubon trip eagle trip I heard one of the seasoned members mumbling about another person on the trip wearing white.  I took 945 pictures of hummers and butterflies some how. I have two feeders up on the screen porch and feed a half gallon of sugar water a day.

While I was taking pictures I heard a thump on the screen. When I went around the corner, a hummer had speared the screen was stuck up to the end of it’s beak looking very confused. I ran to rescue it and thought no one’s going to believe this so I backed up to get a picture. Before I could get in the telephoto range, it pulled it’s beak out of the screen and flew off.

When feeding hummingbirds don’t use the red dye stuff you find in the store. It’s very simple to make your own.  Use one part sugar and four parts of very hot to boiling water.  Mix well, cool and fill feeders.  It’s important to change out feeders frequently, especially during hot weather. If the water becomes cloudy it’s past time to change it.

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