hummingbird migration part 2

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Still no rain. Probably will have another $60 plus water bill again and I’m still loosing plants. Ten foot dogwoods are drying up, so I’m spending time watering not just young plants, but long time established shrubs and trees.   I’ve lost long time established daylilies that have just simply disappeared.  Patches has decided she loves figs and is stealing low ones off of the bushes. While picking some of my Green Ischia figs Saturday, I was keeping an eye on my bowl and a look out for wasps. As I grabbed one something grabbed me and I threw down the fig and what turned out to be a green tree frog.  It was dazed from the rough landing. I picked it up and put it back on the bush to save it from the hooligans. I checked on it later and it hadn’t moved from the spot I placed it on.

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