hummingbird migration part 3

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Happy birthday to my sister Rose.  I won’t reveal how old she was yesterday.   I’m still going through the 1200+ pictures I took the weekend of 9-11. If there is interest I’ll do one more post of pictures. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

We still haven’t had rain in four weeks, and are over 12 inches below normal. This after an above normal spring rainfall.  Gardening this year has been a bust. My neighbors bush hogged their tomatoes and the rest of their garden in June.  I had a few tomatoes into August, but when the heat hit, my young plants croaked.

I’m taking over most of my vegetable garden in daylilies and iris. I got the John Deere out which is no longer green due to the dust,  making a wondering  path around  planting beds. I had a scoop of a mixture of wood chips, dirt and grass that I dumped in a compost pile built of recycled concrete blocks.  Shortly after Blackie full of the mixture crawled out of a hole she had dug chasing a field rat. She looked around like she was asking what happened. Me, I was glad I didn’t have a full scoop. Directly she was back to the chase catching two rats.  Patches caught a baby rat, and kept playing with it like a cat. Directly Blackie spies it and dispensed of it quickly. Patches irritated about losing her rat got in a small tiff with Blackie. When I yelled at them, it broke up quickly as it started thankfully.

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