hummingbird migration part 4

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We finally had rain this morning 3.12 inches.  It was forecasted to start Saturday night into Sunday morning. Yesterday afternoon I dug up several hills of some of my established daylilies that were dying due to lack of water and overcrowding, divided them and had them ready for planting in the morning.  While I was digging the hooligans were playing chase, only I’m not sure who was chasing whom. Since they weren’t able to play king of the hill on the sawdust pile as most of it was in the garden, they decided to play in the garden.  At one point Levi chased by Blackie and Blackie by Patches took a flying leap like he was doing a belly flop into a pond landed in the middle of one of my new beds followed by the other two.  When I yelled at them they did several wheelies around the bed and took off.

I keep a couple of unbaited mouse traps in the garage at a 90 degree angle to the baseboards. Since mice tend to run along walls, if it runs across the trap, it snaps trapping the mouse. Before retiring for the night, I replaced the mouse trap as it disappeared and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the garage. It must have caught a mouse and Blackie disposed of it for me.

Today I thought I could get the daylilies planted in the garden, but should have checked the rain gauge before I stepped into the plowed up area. I sank up to my ankle.  Nice as we needed rain badly. I had trees dying due to several weeks of high 90’s to 100 degree weather without rain.

I hope you have enjoyed my four part series of the hummingbirds migrating by my house. One more post of hummingbirds along with a fall blooming Lycoris radiate or more commonly known in the south as naked lady or resurrection lilies. Another season and I still haven’t been able to find the hummer nest in the weeping peach tree.

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  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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