Truck washing time

The ladies of my high school class at Deshler still get together once a month. This past month we decided to go to the Rattlesnake Saloon off of Hwy 72 W of Tuscumbia. It is built under a bluff rock shelter and has largely unhealthy food fare. (Get the hamburger & onion rings and apple fritters). It is a reproduction of the old Wild West saloons. When it first opened the employees were in the costumes of the old west, but for some reason is no longer doing it.  It kinda takes away some of the uniqueness.

Since I was one of the drivers, I decided I’d better wash my Dodge Ram and Blackie decided to give me a hand.  Since it took several hours to wash the big Hemi,  I’m not sure who was washed more this time the dog or the truck. She just loves to help me water most times on her terms.  When I decide to spray her down she runs off.  She decides when I need to spray her and bugs me until I do.  I’m trained very well.

Yesterday when I got home all three of the hooligans looked like they each had gotten into a bottle of styling gel.  They were so coated with the stuff, my hand was sticking to them when I petted them. It took me a while to figure out what they had gotten into.  I had purchased 4 loads of sawdust from Walker Lumber and was brought fresh sawdust this time, not older.  Apparently they have been playing king of the hill as all of them are full of pine tar now. They’ve missed the sawdust pile as most of it was used in the my flower beds.

Today Lisa came by the house to help me dig up two large peony bushes which were planted 14 years ago, so they were very large.  (Thanks a lot Lisa, couldn’t have done it without you) Lowe’s brought out my new washer in a very big truck. One of the guys put the lift down on the ground so he could ride up. Patches decided to join him. I kept telling her to come off and she stood there looking at me like huh?  When she got up to about 5 feet she decided she wanted down, but it was too late to bail out.  Then she had to check out the inside of the truck, and come time to ride down decided she didn’t like going down as much as the ride up.  Wish I had my camera handy to get a picture of her.

I have late blooming clematis and cocks comb and one of my daylilies in re-bloom included in the pictures tonight.

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