Where did it go?

Recently I purchased a nice pair of Womanswork pig skin garden gloves. Actually for some mentalist reason I ordered two pairs. They are made by women for women. You can’t find a good work glove for women in stores locally. Apparently other glove makers don’t think that women need a good glove and don’t do heavy gardening. If you can find a glove made for women, they are fabric or light leather in nature and don’t last more than a few weeks around my place.  About a week ago, I was moving from daylilies out to my “pretty in pink” section in my former veggie garden. Afterward I started watering some of the transplants and stuck my gloves in my back pockets. Shortly after dusk I finished up and went to the house, gave the hooligans a biscuit and closed the garage down. They have me trained so that I can’t go into the house without getting a good night biscuit, a custom started by Casey, my last rescue.  When I emptied my pockets I only had the right glove.

Knowing how Patches my glove snatcher loves leather gloves, I got a little earlier then usual and before leaving for work I got my flashlight and hunted around in the areas I had watered the night before.  I searched again after coming home from work and again for several afternoons after that without luck. Right after I got her I laid my new gloves down while answering a call on my cell phone from work. I went in the house to check something for them on my computer and when I came back one glove was gone. I found it a year later when digging a hole to plant some flowers in the bed.

Heritage Birch

I checked the hooligans play area shaded by the Heritage Birch in the front yard and again no glove in sight. The play area is a spot that all chewed items or items to be chewed land up. Once a couple of years back when turning in my leased Jeep and trading in my 15 year old Dakota for my current 4 door Dodge Ram, I emptied both vehicles contents in a box in the garage. I planned to go through the items later and try to get the 2 car contents down to 1 vehicle content later. You know getting down to current road maps between the two, and which umbrella’s and emergency road equipment to keep. The next morning when I opened the blinds on the front of the house, I wondered what in the world were these orange things all over the yard? Well of them pulled out a brand new still in the pouch Auburn rain slicker and had a ball with it. Since a new house was being built down the road, it didn’t occur to me that it was my slicker until I saw the AU on one of the pieces.  Lying in another spot was a brand new umbrella I had gotten at a Microbiology instrument training trip to Delaware. It was fully opened and I hoped that when it popped open it scared them so bad that it had minimal damage, but no such luck.

With little luck finding the glove, I remembered I had one glove from a pair that was knocked off of the tractor by a limb while mowing. When I made the rounds again I found the remains of one of the gloves.  I hunted for the glove, it was a right glove, so two rights still don’t get me a left glove.  Now I’m using the second new pair I ordered and will order a replacement left glove from Womanswork in a week or so I it doesn’t show up.  Surely it wasn’t flushed was it?

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