Bradford pear NOT!! — Weeping flowering peach

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The Pink Cascade Weeping Peach reaches heights of 15 feet, The one I have is around twelve years old and about the size of a large dogwood tree.  In the spring its arching branches are loaded with double pink blooms about the size of a wild rose bloom.   If you haven’t seen a double wild rose imagine blooms the size of a quarter.

If considering planting a weeping peach, it’s best not planted near your garage as you will be sweeping the blooms out of it constantly when they dry and start dropping.  I planted mine at the end of the driveway down wind from my garage but dust devils coming through manage to get a lot of the spent blooms in it. Usually it has a few small non-eatable fruit which are all seed. For some reason this year mine was loaded with the fruit.  The dogs like to eat them.  In previous years it had a few.  Hummingbirds like to stay in the tree during summer. I know one has built a nest in it the last several years, but I’ve yet to find it.

The hooligans are loving the cooler weather and have been very active. The yard is full of the remains field mice.  They’ve almost dug a hole under the wall of my green house.  I’m constantly putting daylilies recently transplanted back into the ground from chases and wrestling though and in my new beds. Coyotes have been very vocal and the hooligans have been vocal back and worn a trail down along the creek protecting their turf.

I have a few pictures of mine from early to late bloom, plus a small one that I started from seeds and a few late season bloomers.

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