Where do you locate flower beds around yard dogs?

Gardening wisdom not followed. Don’t use a bag of compost that you picked up near a fire ant nest & use it in the dark. It does have fire ants in the bag also.

Today’s topic when you have hooligans such as mine where do you locate your flower beds?  With my three who are continuously on the go, I stay away from their well worn

Dog trail from garage to front yard

paths in the yard.  They usually stay on the same course going from place to place around my 3+ acres.  Dogs that are not so active you’ll have to watch them while they roam around in the yard to see what areas to avoid planting in.   It’s best to avoid planting in their paths as dogs will continue to use their trails and will eventually stomp any planting to death or compact the soil so much the plant won’t thrive.

I’ve been taking over my vegetable garden with my daylilies and iris and have the area dug up.  Something about freshly dug soil is like catnip to my three.  When they are using the whole area for mud wrestling and playing catch me if you can, it’s hard to see exactly which dog trails to avoid.  A couple of trails are beginning to immerge now that the fresh dug scent has evaporated.

new trail though iris beds

Just as you think you have the trails figured out they decide to blaze a new trail straight through one of your new beds. I have a wide grassy area that I’ve left open for driving vehicles down to the lower forty. Along the property line between Mom’s place and mine I built up  a long bed to direct rain water down the line and into the bottom field. The dogs were using the grassy area as their trail until I planted an iris bed along the line. Now they have a trail right down the middle of the planting bed. I put up some large conta

tail through new iris bed

iners at the head of the trail with rocks that I’ve dug out of the chert, but they just knock they just knock them over and continue down thebed. Soon as I have time I’ll drive in some fence post along the edge of the bed and run a rope around it to try and divert them back on the grassy trail.

Now if you’ve been wondering all this time why was this fool out there at night digging?  With the time change I’m normally have only about 45

All American Chief Daylily

minutes of daylight when I get home. The hooligans have to be fed first and I have to stand and watch them eat or Blackie will follow me around and loose her food, so that’s 15 minutes shot.  I still have several potted plants that I’m trying to get into a bed before winter sets in. Only problem I have a lot of established plants that need to be dig, divided and moved to a larger bed before the new one can be put in the ground.   One of my prize daylilies calledAll American Chief was planted too close to my Chaste Tree Shoal Creek by the so called ‘Professional”

Chaste Tree Shoal Creek

landscaper. Before darkness hit I had gotten it dug and separated.  My riding mower has a dead battery so the only bag of composted manure that was within carrying distance was near a fire ant nest.  The John Deere would have messed up my front yard too much, so I only had one choice.  I dumped the compost out in my planting area, dug it in with a shovel and started planting the daylilies.  By this time the sun was behind the mountain. I was almost finished when the first wave up inside my jeans leg started biting the back of my knee. The next wave hit my ankles above my socks. For a moment I thought about doing a strip tease for the neighbors, but sanity prevailed. It wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.

Maybe the ants will keep the hooligans from un-planting the daylilies. Sure, sure dream on.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Take this time to reflect on what our ancestors went through to give us the opportunities we have.

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4 Responses to Where do you locate flower beds around yard dogs?

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  4. Georgeanne J. Ingram says:

    You locate that flower bed over the fence in the next yard!

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