Bulb planting

I received a nice shipment of Full Throttle, Pinza, Riot, Amadeus Mozart and Silver Chimes daffodil bulbs from Brent & Becky’s Bulbs just before Thanksgiving.  I spent a couple of days digging holes and planting them along the west side of my former vegetable garden alternating the colors and type. Most reference says to plant three times the bulb height in depth.  Brent & Becky’s bulbs have two down loadable resource guides, one for spring & one for fall bulbs under the media section of their website.

I didn’t have bulb food, so I used the best thing for daffodils composted chicken manure.  I dug a hole about six inches deep and mixed a little of the compost in each hole.  A couple of days later while driving my tractor through the area, I noticed just about every bulb had been dug up and was sitting by its hole.  I spent another afternoon putting the bulbs back in their holes.  A day or two later a fifteen foot section was dug up again, this time the bulbs where scattered.  Another afternoon after work putting them back in the ground, only this time I’m not sure I got them back in the right section. I’ll find out next spring if I have a checkerboard pattern instead of a solid color in each section.  The next day I checked on my daffodil row only to find more scattered bulbs.  This time I hoped I had found all of them.

I also ordered a dwarf yellow peony type tulip called Yellow Baby.  It went into the ground at the entrance of my U. of North Alabama section in front of a lavender spider form daylily called Rainbow Spangles.

Mouse digging adventure

After getting the bulbs in the ground it was on to putting soil back around a twelve year old plum tree that the hooligans tried to dig up in their quest for mice. Later I found one of my pawpaw trees with a large mouse hole around it.  Never a dull moment with these three.

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2 Responses to Bulb planting

  1. Phillip says:

    I just stumbled across your blog – I live in Florence and have a gardening blog. I don’t know how I’ve missed yours all this time. I’ve bookmarked you so I can catch up.

    • I visited your garden a couple of years ago on the Lauderdale garden tour. You have a very nice garden. Hopefully mine will be ready for a tour in a couple of years. I’ve been following your blog since I found Shoalanda Speaks a few months back. Thanks for visiting.

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