Hooligan’s big snow

The various weather folks were forecasting anywhere from 5 to 13 inches of snow last Sunday evening with temps eventually going into the single digits. Usually when accumulation is predicted the forecaster lands up with egg on the face. When they predict snow flurries or less than an inch is predicted, it’s time to hit the grocery stores and get bread and milk.  When Mom and I went to get groceries that afternoon, bread was no where to be found and only the skim milk remained.  As one who grew up on a dairy farm drinking the fresh stuff with a layer of cream on top straight out of the cow, skim milk tastes like water with a little bit of milk added.  Over the years I’ve been able to adapt to 2% for healthier reasons. One thing was different this time; the toilet paper section was completely cleaned out. After our shopping trip, I got all of the oil lamps ready and checked the batteries in my flashlights in case we lost power.  During the 17 inch sleet storm of 83, my parents were without power for a week.  I’m glad he didn’t have the dairy cows to milk.

I spent Saturday before the snow moving a variegated Japanese maple called Tsumagaki from along the front of the house to an area by my mail box. The front of the house stays sunny all day, and the little maple stayed crispy looking the last two summers.  The area I moved it to gets some afternoon shade so it should be happier. The variegated maples just can’t take the sun as the other varieties can.  In its place I planted a Japanese maple Acer Osakazuki I had purchased on sale last summer and repotted it in a 10 gallon container to help it survive the summer. It is a green leafed variety that has a narrow and tall growth habit and should add some height to the area between the garage windows. I got each one mulched well and ready for the coming cold spell. I found a packet of ranunculus that I had bought last fall and planted them in my “pretty N pink” section of the garden. The deer should enjoy them next spring if they can get past the hooligans.  I had purchased some plants a few years ago after I lost Casey and the deer had a field day with them.  I had nothing but a bunch of holes left where I planted them.

The snow started Sunday evening around 8 and continued all night and I woke up to 10 inches in my front yard.  The last big snow we had was in 1963. Most of the winter stuff that we get is usually frozen rain or sleet.  We had a 17 inch sleet storm in 1983 that just about paralyzed our area for several days. I noticed several 4X4’s in ditches or upside down in parking lots from doing figure 8’s. A four wheel drive is not any better on ice than a regular drive vehicle.  I put Big Hoss, my 4 door Dodge 1500 into 4 wheel drive for the first time since last winter. On the way to the hospital I took a detour through Muscle Shoals and picked up Allison. After we go off of work I took her home, dropped off blood at our sister hospital in Muscle Shoals and went through Tuscumbia stopping to take pictures of some of the historical homes and churches clothed in snow.  I’ll post these as soon as I can weed through them and get the historical names on them.

After getting home I walked through drifts that funneled in between the two building to feed my three.  They had trails going everywhere through the snow.  Where they could they were walking along the top of the wall blocks around the front of the house. The wall around the back of the house is still under construction so they had to walk in the yard.  Blackie had ice bloomers on the back of her legs from sitting under one of the birch trees barking at the birds coming to the feeder. Only one of their beds looked like it had been used.  When walking around today looking for Levi’s fenceless collar I noticed that they had pulled apart a couple of bales of wheat straw in the lean to on the back of the barn and made a bed for themselves. All that money spent putting in a dog door and they sleep outside most of the time. The rest of the week they were fed on the driveway as the snow behind the house wasn’t going away. The rest of the week they were fed on the driveway as the snow behind the house wasn’t going away. There’s an old saying in the south, snow on the ground for three days means more is to follow. We still have a lot of winter to go.

Auburn won the big game against Oregon Monday night, so it was a good week despite snow on the ground all week. . When the snow drifts melt from around my Toomer’s Corner oak tree, it’s time to roll it. War Eagle ya’ll.

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19 Responses to Hooligan’s big snow

  1. Phillip says:

    Well it was fun, wasn’t it? Of course the old saying is if we have snow on the ground for 3 days, it will happen again. Your dogs are beautiful!

    I’ve never been able to drink fat free or 2% milk. It is whole or nothing for me and fortunately I had bought some earlier. Actually, I don’t drink milk that often but at least this time I was prepared.

  2. I didn’t get to see much of it except after work. But it was fun as we hadn’t had a real big snow in ages. We went to a couple of stores & I was able to find regular milk. I consider whole like we had from the cow with cream on top. Those were the days. One of the the guys I went to grade school with still remembers waiting on Dad in his neighborhood to get a piece of ice that was put over the milk bottles and covered with a heavy tarp in the truck.

  3. Thanks, check out my other two post of Tuscumbia’s historical homes in the snow.

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  7. Have you thought about adding some videos to your article? I think it might enhance viewers’ understanding.

    • Thanks for visiting. Yes I have thought about adding videos, but a video camera is not in the budget right now. An unexpected expense of $500 to replace tires damaged by metal trash lost on the road prevents little extra’s.

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