Gardening dream gone bad

The hooligans are ready for some spring weather.  Wednesday after it started snowing they were running around the yard looking as if they were saying”no not again”!  Levi has been missing his collar for the wireless fence again.  I finally found it today and their rough housing has done another one in.  The snap was broken and the control button is ruined.  Patches will get the new collar and Levi will get the hand me down again. Patches is constantly testing the fence to see if it’s working. If her collar doesn’t vibrate she’s out so she always get the new one.

We had three inches of snow at my place last Wednesday night that melted and refroze on the roads making an adventurous drive the next morning even in a 4WD truck.  Temperatures were forecasted to be in the fifties Saturday, sixties on Sunday and seventies by next Thursday.  It’s time to garden again! On the way home I stopped at a grocery store and found a few plants that I considered for my Shoals Heirloom Plant Rescue Foundation.   They had a blueberry called ‘Legacy’, a variety I didn’t have. After getting home with it and doing research, I found thatLegacy’ is great for southern climates as it is heat tolerant and drought resistant, mid season fruiting, just what I needed for my hot Alabama garden..  It is also rated as the highest flavored blueberry. I won’t find that out for a couple of years, as you need to pick off any fruit for the first couple of years for a stronger plant.  I planned to get it in the ground and put cotton seed meal and mulch around it and my other blueberries.  Blueberries need to be treated like azaleas as they like acid soil. I use cotton seed meal on my acid loving plants.

I also found a Dutch iris called Lion King, a purple and gold mixture to go into my University of North Alabama Lions section. I also found an orchid in need of a rescue. I now have 22 of them I think if I haven’t missed any.

I went to bed early to try and catch up on my sleep I lost during the week and planned my tasks for the next day. The clock went off and I got up fixed some cream of wheat, put ice cubes on the orchids except the rescued one as it was over watered. Read the paper and went to the post office to mail off an Auburn championship shirt to my niece in Auburn that I got when I donated blood at LifeSouth.   When I got home I got the Husqvarna  out and cleaned up the dead zinnias  and cone flower stalks along the front walk and threw them around an area I plan to naturalize Then hauled pine needles and mulched the bed in front of the house. After that I got the John Deere out and hauled composted sawdust and covered up the pcv pipe that the wireless fence runs through to keep the hooligans in and mulched the bed along the property line.  I planted the blueberry and fertilized all of them with cotton seed meal.

After I got cleaned up I decided it was time for a nice jog and walk down to the main road to turn on the street light. When I got to the intersection and flipped the switch I noticed I had forgotten to put my top on and tried to keep in the shadows on the way home.  I woke up about this time exhausted, I was only dreaming. I should have

Acer Tsumagaki

iris Jitterbug, daffodil Snowbird

suspected something when I started jogging especially at my age and after a knee replacement.   The dream seemed so real up until that point and then it turns into a nightmare.  I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up to get a cup of coffee and looked out the window. It was 27 degrees and I still had snow here and there, and I wond ered i f the nice weather forecast was also a dream?

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3 Responses to Gardening dream gone bad

  1. Phillip says:

    It is supposed to be beautiful all week long but I fear that it will be temporary. I managed to plant some daffodils that I never got around to earlier and today I’m hoping to get some more chores done. I think we should enjoy it while we can.

  2. I did get a lot of the chores I did in my dream done, except I put the blueberry in a 3 gallon pot. I didn’t get around to turning the street light on. We don’t even have street lights out my way. Don’t know where that one came from. Mom has one I’d like to get rid of next door. I enjoy seeing the stars.

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