GRIT magazine

We’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of nice warm gardening weather. I’ve been able to weed, mulch, and move and divide daylilies.  The last couple of afternoons have dealt with trying to replace tires damaged by scrap metal I hit on the Patton Island Bridge (now know as Singing River).  Road service put on the temporary tire, and the next day a used tire was put on my truck. This afternoon the truck was up on the rack when they found out the wrong size tire was sent by the warehouse.  Hopefully the tires will be here on Monday.

However last night we paid for the nice weather we’ve had.  A little after 10 PM  my phone rang and Weathercall announced that I was in the path of a tornado and take cover. I hide in the bathtub until the roar went away.  I have my Weathercall map set just for tornado’s in my area.  This afternoon I was greeted with a few daffodils blooming.   One large one called St. Patrick’s Day was a little dirty but in full bloom.

I was asked to be a blogger for GRIT magazine a couple of months ago.  My introductory post appeared this week.  As one who was afraid to write due to a freshman English comp professor, I’m extremely honored. It’s a country folk magazine which has been around since the 1880’s.  Right now I’m still not making any money off of my blogs, but I get a free subscription. If one of my stories appears in the magazine, I’ll get paid. Thanks to Cathy Wood for talking me into doing this blog.

Taking the picture you see of me on the GRIT blog was an adventure with the three hooligans. A photographer friend who was to take my picture had the flue, and Mom was elected and had never used my camera before. I set it on landscape and was going to sit on my John Deere and have her take the picture.  The first thing that happened was Levi jumping up in the seat with me and laying in my lap.  Then Blackie and Patches decided they wanted to drag him down off of the tractor. At some point he decided to push me out of the seat trying to get higher and away from the girls. I should have put the camera on the sports section as most of the pictures turned out fuzzy. It turned out much like what happened when I decided to make a Christmas card with them. Those pictures may be seen in the December archives.

Levi’s photo has been accepted in BISSELL’S MVP Photo Contest gallery!  His picture is now available for the whole world to enjoy, and will be entered into Voting Period 8. Voting starts Wednesday March 2.  Please consider voting for my camera ham.  A rescue of my choice will get $10,000.  Please consider voting for Levi starting Wednesday. Voting will be open for a week.

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6 Responses to GRIT magazine

  1. Teresa Peck says:

    Great pics, congratulations. I love reading your blog..You inspire me to do more myself. I’ll vote !

  2. Thanks Teresa
    I’m getting heirloom tomatoes & a some poppies started today. Won’t be long.

  3. Phillip says:

    That is terrific! Congratulations.
    If I retire to rural Franklin Co. like I plan, I will have to have a tractor like that!

  4. Thanks Phillip. I like my John Deere, it’s so easy to get on compared to my old Yanmar. I had to climb up over the fender and gear box. It has a 30 hp Yanmar motor in it.

  5. Jean says:

    I am very impressed with your Blog! Congrats on the Grit gig. I remember it as a child and did not know they had entered the Internet world! 🙂

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