Orchids, Crepe mrytle murder, headstones

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Time to put your hummingbird feeders up. According to migration maps they are in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.   DO NOT use the red dye in your feeders. The red on the feeder itself is enough to attract hummingbirds.

Someone just gave you an orchid as a gift.  It’s a tropical plant so it needs plenty of moisture right? Wrong.  Orchids don’t like wet feet and the easiest way to kill an orchid is over watering.   I was hesitant to get an orchid. I didn’t think I had the proper conditions in my house for orchids. Orchids like day time temperatures around 75 and night time temperatures around 65; just what us humans are comfortable with.  When I got my first orchid as a gift my first thought was that I didn’t have room among the fifty or so African violets. After I got that first one I did some research and found a site that recommend using 3 ice cubes a week to water them.  I’ve been using that system for my original orchid plus the 23 or so I have now.

Last week while checking out the new Coldwater Nursery in Florence, I found a Nun’s Orchid.  It is hardy to zone 8 which is one zone below our area.  I planted it in a container that I can move into the garage to overwinter with the rest of my plants. one of the research I did on the plant said to allow it plenty of room if planting in a container and I found out why, it has a lot of roots.

One of my pet peeves driving around the Shoals is the improper trimming of crepe myrtles or crepe myrtle  murder.  One of the worst cases I’ve seen are the row outside the City Hall in Tuscumbia. Whom ever has done this dastardly deed has just left a stump.  A serial crepe myrtle murder trimmer.  If you have to trim crepe myrtles cut off anything that is the size of a pencil or less.  Give it some type of form. Choose two or three main trunks you want to keep and  go from there.

Two of the headstones have been picked up by Liddie Gray’s grandson. The Isaac Gray headstone has a Mason seal on it and he hopes to find the burial place that way.  An Isaac Gray was found in Franklin County but the dates don’t match.  Robin has come through again, Margaret Stidham was buried in the New Prospect Cemetery in Marion County.  I’ve e-mailed some one who wrote a book about the Stidham’s but haven’t heard back. I haven’t heard back from Vina city hall about one of the towns founders WW Weatherford.  I have an off day this week and will make some calls.

With spring coming, my hooligan Border collies have been very busy.  They spent most of the day today barking at a plastic bag hung on a cotton plant flapping in the wind. They must thought it was Noah the cat next door who likes to tease them in the area where the bag was caught. I finally got tired of hearing the commotion and went over to the field and picked it up.

I started my heirloom tomato seeds the middle of February.  I’m planting my usual Cherokee Purple, a deep dark reddish black flesh tomato which I think is one of the better tasting tomatoes. This year I’m also planting a yellow Brandywine tomato.  It’s a new heirloom for me that I haven’t tried before. Last year I planted a Black Krim tomato along with my Cherokee Purple and it didn’t do well. Come to think about it, last year wasn’t a good veggie gardening year.  After I planted my garden we had monsoon rains and then weeks of scorching heat which killed most of my plants.  I had placed my plants out on the patio table during a nice warm spell we had. We’ve had a few nights of freezing temperatures and day time temps in the forties and fifties so I put my plants in the garage on top of a bucket of water that I use for watering my overwintering plants in the garage.   Yesterday afternoon I found the box dumped off onto the floor, so I spent time re-potting the survivors into larger containers.

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2 Responses to Orchids, Crepe mrytle murder, headstones

  1. Shoalanda says:


    After I wrote this, I spoke with Phillip Oliver of Dirt Therapy. I told him I called it “Crepe Castration.”

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