Veggies and herbs plants buy and help a special needs program

The Arc of the Shoals in Tuscumbia, as most schools in the state of Alabama has been hit hard by proration.   Older folks in the Shoals still call the school for adults with special needs Hope Haven.  The Arc consists of Hope Haven Adult Training Center, Phyllis Lyle Work Center, semi independent living programs and group homes.  It is a great organization with wonderful employees who care for the clients they support. The organization is on a very tight budget and makes full use of the funds intended to support it’s programs.

One of the training programs is a gardening class.  Plants are grown by the clients and are available for purchase at the school. Tomato, Pepper,  Kalanchoe plants, various Herbs, African violets, Aloe Vera and lots of different houseplants!

Prices are very reasonable and plants are ready to go your home and garden. 

Tomatoes are $2.00 each. Varieties available are: Big Boy, Better Boy, Early Girl, Red  cherry, Brandywine, Big Beef, Beefsteak, Goliath, Rutgers, Pink Lady and Park Whopper.

Banana Peppers (sweet and hot) Cayenne Pepper and yellow Bell Peppers  are $1.50 each.

Squash and cucumber plants are $1.00 each. Herbs mint, basil, cilantro, parsley, and thyme in pots decorated by Hope Haven participants are $2.00 to $7.00.  African violets (variety of colors and variegated leaves) are $5.00.

Kalanchoe and coleus plants large size are $10.00.  Small sizes are $5.00.

Palm plants large sizes are $10.00.  Small sizes are $7.00.

Call or come by (Christina and Myra will be glad to send you home with a carload):

Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 till 4:00.

Hope Haven

100 Lamar Ave

Tuscumbia, AL 35674


While you are visiting asked about being a volunteer or becoming a supporting member.  Membership cost is whatever you want it to be.

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2 Responses to Veggies and herbs plants buy and help a special needs program

  1. Cristina Manrique Rickard says:

    This is a meaninful activity for this population and ia amazing how much they enjoy working with the plants thinking: Oh! Boy! we are going to make some money. Thank you Mary Carton for your support. We love you.

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