Visitors are coming and the garden is not ready

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I had a crazier than normal crazy moment and invited my high school classmates over for lemonade and cookies as part of our #XL reunion in less than ten days.  I didn’t get several of my beds mulched before the winter as I was dividing and moving plants to theme beds when I ran out of warm weather. With all the rain my flower beds are full of weeds.  With the tremendous amount of weeding and mulching left, I hired some help last weekend.  The problem with hired help is that they aren’t familiar with where your plants are.  And if they aren’t a plant lover, really doesn’t care what they pull up or break off even if marked with a plant tag.

With all the weeding, I’ve started compost pile # three.  My other two bins are over flowing.  Hopefully by the time of our reunion things will be a little more presentable.

Early iris are in full bloom now.  Hope you enjoy some of this weeks blooms.

Also check out my post on GRIT this week. One of the things we did growing up that gave Mom gray hairs.

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