Before the storm blooms

I requested some off days trying to get the garden AND my house ready for my high school class reunion. Yesterday, actually the last week, what ever could go wrong has gone wrong.  My tale of woe may be found on my GRIT blog post.

My iris and peonies are blooming late this year and usually are just about finished by now and the daylilies starting.  I had 0.52 inches of rain early this morning. I kept noticing Blackie licking at something on the ground. When I finally decided to check it out, the wind had broken off a limb that a suet feeder was attached to and she was trying to lick the block through the wire cage.  I have another one chained around a tree to prevent racoons from taking off with it.    Storms are forecast for tonight, so any blooms will be soggy and and may have hail damage. Hope you enjoy a few that I’ve had since my last post.

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