Garden welcome next weekend, headstone update, mystery plant

I’ve been asked by my friends to allow visitors when my daylilies start blooming.  Next weekend May 28 is your chance. The daylilies (did I say I have over 400 varieties?) should be blooming nicely and the oriental lilies and Japanese iris are starting to bloom also, so it’s a good time to visit for a gardening friend brunch. It won’t be anything fancy.  Plus my house is still half way decent from the Deshler reunion visit.  However since I’ve been on crutches lately, several of the beds have not been weeded, and those weeded before my accident did not get mulched to prevent grass and weeds from coming back. Things are not perfect, but my place is not a botanical garden.

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I’ll dug up some Ice King daffodils today and have those to share with my gardening friends.  If you have any plants to share, please bring it. Where is this going?  I eventually hope to make this an annual plant swap event and help those who swear they will kill a plant just by looking at it and would like to start gardening but don’t know where to get help.  I would like for it to evolve into a fund raiser to help with the gardening program at the Hope Haven work center greenhouse at some point in the future..

If you would like to join me please contact me for the time and directions if you haven’t been here before. This is one time unlike our Deshler get togethers, I need to know how many are coming.  If you do come, feel free to pull a weed.

Oh the mystery plant must have been some sort of mushroom. It was destroyed along with a Conquistador Lilium that was in bloom next to it.  Looks like maybe a deer was having supper until startled by one of the hooligans. The headstones, two have gone to Killen with the grandson of the Gray headstones, the Stidham and Weatherford stones were to be returned to the Hackleburg area hit by the deadly tornadoes. Right now the focus is on the survivors.  Eventually they will be taken back by the historical society.

Check out this weeks GRIT magazine blog  post; making an ant guard for hummingbird feeders.

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2 Responses to Garden welcome next weekend, headstone update, mystery plant

  1. Phillip says:

    I’m pondering having an open garden on Saturday too since the hydrangeas are looking so nice. I plan to visit you before I have to go back to work on June 6.

  2. Come on by anytime. I have a couple of later days are work. The only hydrangea blooming right now at my place is the one I bought at Coldwater in Florence. My oakleafs might be trying & I hope they will be blooming also by Sat.

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