Memorial Day 2011 in Tuscumbia

If you are expecting pictures of Memorial Day flowers, I only have one today.  Today’s post is a tribute to those who died in the service for our country.

 To many Memorial Day is part of a long three day weekend marking the start of summer.  It’s a time for going to the river, lake or beach.  Hope you stopped for a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of those who died for you right to have fun today, protest and burn the flag they died for. 

 I went to the Memorial Day program at the Colbert County Courthouse conducted by The American Legion Post # 31.  Today’s pictures are from that program.  Other will be on my post later this week.   As I was down loading the pictures to my computer of the memorials of those who died in each war, I noticed that my Grand Uncle’s name wasn’t on the WWI list.  He was an Irishman who went to war and died fighting for our country.  He is buried in the Catholic cemetery at St. Florian and maybe his name is on the Lauderdale list.  I’ll have to find the Lauderdale county list, if not doesn’t his name belong on one of the memorials?

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One Response to Memorial Day 2011 in Tuscumbia

  1. Shoalanda says:

    Beautiful pics, Mary. I hope you find your uncle’s name on a Lauderdale marker. Whether you do or not, send me some info on him. I would love to do a blog about him, at least by Veteran’s Day.

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