Open Garden – Daylilies in bloom this past weekend

The Saturday before Memorial Day my daylilies, oriental lilies and Japanese iris decided to coordinate their bloom cycles together. I thought a good time to show off some of my flowers despite being behind on weeding due to a host of reasons with an open house with a brunch.  I did a couple of posts on my GRIT magazine blog if you want to get the boring details.

 It was a nice day for a brunch. The temperature was just a little warmer and the cicadas louder than I would have liked, but that didn’t stop a group from sitting out on the screen porch,  That group was treated to the hum of the hummingbirds coming to the feeder just a foot or two from their chairs.  The hooligans were very well behaved this time. I didn’t get any comments about Blackie growling at them like she did during our high school reunion. She has to decide to let you pet her, not the other way around.  Some were strangers to some of the others in attendance, but were friends when the time came to go home.  Phillip and Michael of Dirt Therapy came by and took some magnificent pictures that Phillip posted on his blog.  Many thanks to all those who came and also for ignoring the weeds. I hope all had a good time. I hope to eventually develop this into a fund raiser for the Arc of the Shoals, Hope Haven greenhouse program.

 Daylilies come in all sizes from 12 inches tall to a little over 3 feet. Prices will vary from just a few dollars to over $200 for some of the newer varieties.  Lisa one of my gardening friend stated that she made the mistake to not taking into consideration the height when laying out her beds.  I think we’ve all made that mistake trying to color coordinate.  Daylilies are easy to transplant. Right now I’m trying to find afternoon shade for some of my dark burgundy ones.  The darker colors such as Bela Lugosi, Wispy Rays, Night Embers, Night Meteor and Antietam are not colorfast and will just melt in full sun.  This is the first year I’ve been able to get a picture of Night Embers as it so sensitive to the sun.  Another problem I’ve had trying to coordinate my theme gardens is the photoshopped enhanced pictures in the catalogs don’t look like that in real life.  I can’t tell you have many times I’ve sent a picture to the daylily garden insisting that they sent me the wrong plant.  Right now one called Funkie Fushsia will have to be moved from my U. of North Alabama area as it is not purple, gold or white.   I’m getting ready to exterminate a couple of my varieties as they have been a big disappointment in real life from the pretty daylily in the catalog.  

For these reasons, the pictures you see on my blog are not enhanced.  Hope you enjoy some of the daylilies in bloom this past weekend.  Japanese iris and lilium will be in another post.

 Check out my GRIT post this past week Tuscumbia celebrating Memorial Day.

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