How do you keep up with hundreds of plants?

The hot days have not been kind for flower photography of daylilies. The high ninety temperatures just burn up a daylilies as the day goes along, even those getting afternoon shade.  Saturday morning I got up early and went out into the garden to take a few pictures.  When I downloaded them to my computer there were 1009 pictures and another 279 on Sunday.  How long does it take to make 1009 pictures? Just a little over 3 hours.

 The most common question I get is how do you keep everything straight? I used to take a pen and notebook a 36 roll of film with me and write down the names of the flowers as I went along the garden getting the best angle before taking the shot.  Since getting a digital Canon Rebel, I’ve left the pen and pad in the house and after taking several pictures from different angles of a flower will take a picture of the plant tag. If the tag is missing due to weedeaters, hooligans, or a couple of so called landscapers that I hired before my Deshler High reunion, I take a picture of the area with the plant, and a picture of the plant tag of the plant next to the flower and look it up in my computer after downloading the pictures.  I keep everything in an excel spreadsheet. Different tabs are for different areas of the garden plus another file listing the names and location of each type of plant and information about the plant and update as I move things around. Each tab of this one is the different plant species. For example one tab is iris, the second tab is daylilies, another daffs, another Liliums, etc. At the end of the year I save the planting map as the file name and year of the gardening season.  It’s come in handy when plants come up from pieces of bulbs or rhizomes and I can look at previous years to see what was in that location. Recently I had a hydrangea that made an appearance after disappearing for a couple of years.  I went back to one of the old maps.

When visiting botanical gardens, I’ll take a picture of the plant and tag in case I’d like to add it to my garden later.

 I’ll do a separate post of my Japanese iris and Liliums later.

 Check out my last weeks GRIT magazine post. It contains a recipe for Blueberry sour cream pound cake and some advice from Mom which I ignored when making it.

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