Japanese iris

Japanese iris: The largest flowers of all iris, with lovely forms, colors and patterns, they require full sun, a rich, acidic soil and ample water. Mulch will help hold in water and reduce weeds. Japanese iris are heavy feeders and an azalea-type fertilizer in the spring, just after bloom, is best. I use cotton seed meal. You can get a 50 pound bag at the Co-op and use left overs on your blueberries and azaleas. Keep the pH between 5.0 and 6.5. Japanese are generally prodigious growers so allow three or four feet between plants.

I have mine in a low area that gets the runoff from the down spout drain of the barn as well as run off from my Mom’s yard.  They really like water.

On a sad note Roger at the Rabbit Patch is retiring from the daylily business after this year. He is the one who got me started in daylilies.  He is having a great sale on his remaining daylilies.  From Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, take Chisholm north.  Turn right on county road 28.  He is on the right about a mile down the road. He has a sign out in front and also on Chisholm.  I’m not sure of his hours. Phone # 256-764-1489.

One of my iris iris is in rebloom.  I’ll post that picture on my GRIT blog post.  Check out my last weeks GRIT post on the Helen Keller Festival.

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