Iris — my top tall bearded favorites this year

Going through my tall bearded iris slides, I thought I’d share my top 10 favorites this year. I couldn’t get them down to ten, so I decided to do a top 15, then top 20,  and finally decided on a top 25.  It’s time to dig and divide them for larger beds or for sharing.

Check out last weeks GRIT blog post are you smarter than a Border collie.

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4 Responses to Iris — my top tall bearded favorites this year

  1. Cathy Anderson says:

    Well, I can see why you couldn’t limit it to your top ten. They are all beautiful!

  2. Phillip says:

    I started writing down my favorites but stopped when I got past 5. They are all gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, I remembered a couple of more after I posted, but you have to stop somewhere. The daylilies are going to be hard since I have over 400 varieties. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I’m just getting started and hope to start selling locally in a couple of years. Right I’m dividing & making larger beds from the 1 bulb I bought of each variety. I will recommend these iris growers links: Schreiners at and one close to Nashville Iris City gardens:
    Schreiners has a good on line sale right now. Thanks for asking and visiting. Mary

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