Late summer blooms

The cicadas damage continues to mount.  My apricot tree continued to bleed sap and is now completely dead. My 20th century pear tree fruiting for the first time is now a black mummy that looks like it died from blight. One of my Venus dogwoods weaken and loosing bark from a late winter freeze last year at the Don Shadow nursery died. The other one continues to loose branches.  A couple of plum trees are looking pathetic.

The Japanese beetles weren’t as bad this year and are just about gone.  I was disposing of two to three bags of beetles from my traps daily. I have an area around my fruit trees that had a heavy infestation of June bugs as well as the Japanese beetles.  I’ll be treating the area with Milky Spore just before the next rainy spell.  A couple of years ago I treated an area around a large hackberry tree and see very few beetles in the area.

I have pictures of some of my late blooming daylilies and some in re-bloom and also a retired sprinkle can which no longer holds water that I made a planter out of.

On the hooligan front, Blackie decided to play with a skunk just before my open garden brunch. Patches was bitten by a snake and kept picking at the wound until she got it infected.  While the girls were chasing rats, Levi did guard duty watching me while I worked in the garden transplanting iris and daylilies.

 Check out this weeks Grit blog post: Living in an I Love Lucy rerunOne of my pictures was used on page 4 of this month’s hard copy.  My first picture to get published.

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2 Responses to Late summer blooms

  1. Phillip says:

    Sorry to hear about your trees. I put milky spore down about 4 or 5 years ago and there does seem to be less these days. I probably need to reapply. I’ve heard that you should avoid the traps, that they only attract more.

  2. Phillip I use the traps away from my plants I want to protect. I think I’ve killed a lot more than I could have with spraying. I put milky spore down around the large hackberry by the creek as that area was swarming with June bugs. I hardly see them in the area now. Thanks for visiting & commenting. Florence got a nice rain today. I didn’t get a drop at my house. Mary

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