Why did I buy this plant?

I purchased a couple of plants several years ago from the sales section while ordering plants.  Each time they bloom I ask myself why did I order these?   The first one is Oakhurst puple pineapple. When it first starts forming the bloom, it is a single spike with a small purple pineapple at the top. Now when it blooms, it is not remarkable.  The second one is a Candy Lily kind of a nondescript dull looking flower on it. Since both have purple on them, they are in my University of North Alabama section.

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A few of my daylilies are in rebloom, but otherwise not much going on in the garden.  Profusion zinnias have started blooming and are a butterfly magnet. With the lack of blooms, the hummingbirds have been hitting the feeders getting ready for their trip south. Have I told you not to use the commercial red dye stuff in your feeders? Make it up with 1 part sugar and four parts of boiling water, mix well and cool. Fill your feeders and put leftovers in the refrigerator. The hummers have found the new feeder I up on my pergola, so my photography interest have turned to the flying flowers.  I have spent some time sitting in the pergola trying to get some picture, but because the hooligans were clinging to me because of a coming storm, I’ve had trouble photographing them.

The heat has been hot and humid.  I’m trying to get some of my iris and daylilies divided and moved to their respective theme garden based on color, but it’s been a challenge, especially with a bum knee. This afternoon I worked on putting burgundy daylilies in my Deshler High School section until a storm hit dropping several inches of rain it seems.

Blackie has a UTI with bladder stones, which prevents getting rid of the infection as well as urinating.  She’s been refusing to eat the medicated feed to dissolve the stones and is facing surgery for them. Check out the hooligans update the first of next week on my Grit.com blog post.

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One Response to Why did I buy this plant?

  1. Phillip says:

    Because you are like me – you can’t resist a plant! I like it, it is very unusual.

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