About 3 years ago I had plantar fasciitis in both front which may it difficult to do any yard work.  Since I was in the middle of replacing the shrubs along the front of the house, I hired some one in business as a landscaper to do some work,  One of the plants he choose was Pittosporium. It’s a lovely shrub in the summer, nice green glossy foliage.  A variegated form is available also.

The problems came after the first winter.  This shrub cannot handle the cold.  We had a mild winter that year and of they looked dead.   The second winter a couple did not survive.

This past winter several more died.  I trimmed the survivors heavily and three or four came back out, but took most of the summer to look nice.

Needless to say, I’m again redoing the shrubs along the front of the house with native shrubs which can take the heat and cold better.  This weekend was spent tearing out part of the landscaping he did in one of the front beds.  With my surgery needing knee Bambi, my John Deere made easy work of tearing out this low growing taking over the whole bed shrub. I think the so called landscaper called them Cottoneaster.

The hooligans are busy chasing field mice and rabbits around the garden, Vegetable gardening has been a bust again this year.  My tomato plants are all plants and no fruit.  What tomatoes I had rotten in the several weeks of near 100 degree temperatures.  When we had rain, it would be several inches in a few hours only to be followed by no rain for weeks.  Blackie must have a little beagle in her somewhere.  Levi and Patches will lay around the house until they hear Blackie yipping and it’s off to the chase.  Yesterday while trying to get pictures of some of the hummingbird migrants feeding at my feeders, I kept hearing Blackie fussing.  She had something trapped in a eight foot long sewer pipe I use to hang shade cloth. She kept running from end to end and started pulling the pipe across the yard. Fully expecting a field rat, it turned out to be a full grown rabbit. I carried the pipe across the wireless fence and dumped out the contents into a ditch near the dry creek.  The poor bunny looked dazed for a moment, then took off in the opposite direction away from the hooligans.

The hummingbirds have started migrating. I made a couple of more ant guards and put up additional feeders.  I’ll post pictures after I purchase more space for them.  I’m running out of my allotted space for pictures.

Check out my last post on Grit margarine blogs, disappearing watermelon patch.

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2 Responses to Pittosporium

  1. Phillip says:

    I didn’t think this was a hardy plant. I’ve never grown it but do admire it. I’m trying to think of what you could use instead – what size shrub are you wanting for that space?

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