OH rats!

Number two on my GRIT blog post and my last post here was a repeat of last years resolution not to buy anymore plants until I had all my potted plants physically in the ground.  I had this one in the bag this year, as I purchased several plants before Christmas.  I found a great close out sale 90% off and purchased an Encore Azalea, two rhododendrons in 3 gallon pots, a large sky pencil and three dwarf gardenia’s and three standard gardenia’s all for less than nineteen dollars.  And the best part was, I really needed some of them to finish out the bed around the front of the house. The only problem was I had recently had knee surgery and was still on crutches, so I decided to over winter them in the greenhouse.  About a week later I went out to water my plants and something was eating the gardenia’s and the azalea.  I set out mouse and rat traps and thought I had the problem controlled after several where caught.  I didn’t find anything unusual until this week when I found nubs left of what used to be the gardenia’s.

field rat damage

More traps were set and one thing that I learned was that live mice and rats consider dead ones food.  I’m finding a little bit of fur and tails when checking the traps.  I need to get them under control before seed planting time.  Last year and the year before they got into my planting containers and ate all of my seeds which resulted in a limited amount of late vegetable plants that didn’t survive the early 100 degree temperatures.

Pondering why I’m having so much trouble lately with the field mice and rats in the greenhouse, it occurred to me that it’s the only place where they are safe from the hooligans.

Blackie and Patches my two rat killers

Back to this year’s goals as I call them instead of resolutions; I thought I was in great shape until I received a 15% off card from Bluestone Perennials if an order was placed by this past weekend. I made a wish list that I discarded, but after logging onto their website, my order that I thought was discarded when I logged off was still there. Well —- you know the rest of the story.

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4 Responses to OH rats!

  1. Dino Rogers says:

    You need a couple of good ‘mousers’! Contact PAWS or the shelter, there are lots of cats needing homes.

    • My 3 Border collies hate cats thanks to the neighbors cat teasing them from the other side of the underground fence. Someone dumped 3 sweet half ground cats at the bridge by my house. I wish I could have kept them. Blackie is a better mouser than a cat, but she’s destructive. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Dino Rogers says:

    Unrelated to “Oh Rats” but thought I’d mention my jasmine blooming for the 1st time. Planted about 2 years ago the vine ‘took off’ late summer and now in January (last week) it began blooming. Having the crud has kept me from enjoying the fragrance but I’ve still been sniffing daily just in case my head has cleared a bit.
    Always enjoy your site.

    • Thanks. I’ll need to buy a photo upgrade so I can continue with my daylily favorites. I’m going to get a jasmine when I finally get my arbor built down in the garden. Hopefully no accidents this year. The doctor just told me I need a replacement on the knee I just had scoped, so hopefully it’ll hold up for a while until I decide it’s time. Rough surgery to go through. Thanks for visiting. Mary

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