My first photography show, late winter gardening

Now is the time for planting early spring plants such as cabbage, onions, and broccoli.  I don’t think that’s going to be possible in my garden for a long time. 

Blackie patrolling for mice


I might have to stock my garden with catfish.  I have Brussel sprouts that I finally gave up waiting for things to dry up and planted in the flower beds.


Future catfish pond?

 The weather has been warm except for a freak snowstorm during rush hour on January 12.  The weather was warm during the week and the snow wasn’t expected to cause problems, but the sharp drop in temperature just as the storm hit froze the bridges and Wilson Dam across the Tennessee River delayed crossing for over a couple of hours.

Cooper-Rand House

The warm weather has brought out the blooms of daffodils, Lenten roses and Star magnolias.  My Star magnolias around the house weren’t blooming so I didn’t expect the ones in my ‘mediation circle down in the lower forty to be blooming.  Apparently they have been blooming a while as most of the blooms are past their prime.   My hyacinths should be blooming in a few days.  Two years ago we had a warm January and February, only to have snow on March 1 which destroyed fruit on trees, blueberries and strawberries.  Looks like a repeat as cold weather is expected later next week. 


King Alfred


Slim Whitman

Lenten Rose

Stellata Star magnolia

While I was going around checking on what’s waiting up for spring, Patches helped me with tree branch removal while Levi picked on Blackie so much he had to run for dear life.

Patches helping with limb pickup

Levi running for dear life

Oh almost forgot, my photography show/sale.  I’ve been picked for the Loving Locals Artists/Crafters show and sale on Friday, February 10th from 5-8pm at Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia.  This will be my first time to show my photography work to the public.  I’ll have a few of the 2012 historical calendars I did for Tuscumbia and some of the note cards, snow card sets and some of my photography pictures.  Hopefully the printers will have the 11 X 14 prints of the calendar pictures ready. 

The calendar pictures and are posted in a blog post I did for GRIT.  Check out the post on Japanese iris also on



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