St. Patrick’s Day blooms

The weather here has been warmer than normal all winter. The last official day of winter we have record temperatures predicted.  We did have a brief snow storm in February that caused unexpected delays getting across the Tennessee River.  The saucer magnolias, star magnolias and daffodils are finishing up their bloom cycles. Dogwoods, flowering almond and silverbells are starting to open.  One of my iris I planted at the hospital is blooming.  Mine at the house and peonies should be blooming soon.  

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We had a warm winter like this in 2007 and had snow and a hard freeze in April which killed corn, strawberries and blueberries and fruit on the trees. I hope this year won’t be a repeat of that year. One thing I know is that fire ants are going to be bad this year.  I got into them several times today.   My neighbors already have their corn planted.    My heirloom tomatoes are up. I’ve planted my favorite Cherokee purple again this year along with Black Russian, Giant Pink Belgium and Mortgage Lifter.   I had tried the Mortgage Lifter a couple of years ago and it didn’t do well, but neither did anything else in the garden due to the extended weeks of 100 degree temperatures.  I planted two or three seeds per cup, and the germination rate looks good.  I’m one that I can’t kill off the extras.  I divide when they get a little bigger.   If they all do well, I’ll have enough tomatoes to feed an army.  

Check out my GRIT magazine post.

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