Unscrupulous Contractors

This isn’t a bad looking house.  The grass is in need of mowing, but looks can be deceiving.  Holmes inspection would have a field day with this house.  My house was started in November of 1996 by Wade Wimberly Construction of Muscle Shoals Alabama, and finished in March of 1997.  I checked with the BBB and he had no complaints. I worked two jobs for twenty five years in order to build this house.

This is my attic truss over the garage.  It looks like a snake and is coming apart.  The ceiling in the garage has sunk two inches.   

Another picture shows the board going from the attic floor up to the main beam down the center of the house.   It’s no longer touching due to the sinking

I used to have a matched set to the wavy truss under the house that popped the floor up.  I didn’t like curvy floors, so $25,000 later, the foundation beams where jacked up, and straighten and the floor in the living and dining room replaced.  The washer draining into the wall was run out to the septic tank; the skylights that the outside frame was discarded replaced along with the roof.  The garage doors with the pulleys and cable that kept falling down on my truck, only to be saved by the garage door opener were replaced. 

This picture is of a main rafter beam in one of the valleys.  It really isn’t a long board, but was spliced together and the side beams connected to it up and down. 

This is the main beam on the other valley, just barely hanging on.  Looks like it was cut too short and used anyway.

Tomorrow, work starts on rebuilding the attic trusses from the inside out.  Shorting material during construction will cost me $10K this week. Another second mortgage will have to be obtained. 

When building,  I paid for material costs plus a percentage while buildings thinking I would avoid problems like this. I keep telling myself I’ve paid for his divorce. 

Work has started

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One Response to Unscrupulous Contractors

  1. Cheryl Strawbridge says:

    Sounds/looks like your contractor had RELATIVES in Louisiana that I hired to work on my house that burned and more relatives I hired to work on the mobile home(s) I bought after the fire! I have a list of carpenters/contractors I would recommend ONLY to my enemies as revenge!

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